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More Than 100+ B2B Companies Trust remoteclip

Growth-killer fOr B2B Software Companies

We know how hard it can be to win clients while dealing with investors or complex product development.

Most B2B Software companies fight with:

High cost per Lead

Your lead costs far exceed your marketing budget?

Not enough Demos/trials

Your clients understand te benefit of your product but demo request and free-trials are still missing?

long sales-cycles

Long sales cycles are annoying and limit your cashflow & growth?

How can Remote Video Testimonials help you?

Lets run a quick thought experiment…

How likely are you to test a new restaurant, once your best friends recommended it to you?
 Are you checking reviews when buying a new phone?

We take the same concept and apply to your software. Once you know how to leverage your custmers voice in your sales & marketing funnels, you’ll have a direct impact on your revenue.

The RemoteClip concept is a combination of Done-For-You Video Testimonials and Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns

Faster Sales-Cycles

With increased trust and leveraged social proof, you become the go-to choice in your market.

More Demos & Free-trials

Testimonials within marketing campaigns increase Demo and Free-Trial requests.

Reduced lead cost

With effective testimonial-retargeting, lead cost can be reduced up to 70%.

....Everything 100% done-for-you


 Wir haben die Vertriebs- und Marketingprozesse von unseren Kunden analysiert und basierend auf den Problemen Video-Content & Performance Kampagnen so eingesetzt, dass sie einen direkten Hebel auf den Umsatz haben. 

Fallstudie 1:

+42% Demoanfragen für Bao solutions



Schnelle Werbebotschaft + messbares Ergebnis


LinkedIn Werbeanzeigen und Facebook Retargeting Kampagnen 


42% mehr Demoanfragen

Fallstudie 2:

+46% free-trial anmeldungen für memo-meister



Problembewusstsein in der Zielgruppe erhöhen und Lösung aufzeigen 


YouTube Retargeting Kampagnen & Implementierung auf Landing Page 


46% mehr Free-Trial Anmeldungen + 25% höhere Conversion Rate


60% kürzerer Sales-Cycle für die Amaseo gmbh


Produktspezifische Einwandbehandlung für “Wir haben zu geringe Margen für Ihre Dienstleistung”


Follow Up Mail direkt nach Verkaufsgespräch


60% kürzerer Sales-Cycle

what remoteclips look like

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The workflow

In a kick-off call we’ll analyze your marketing & sales strategy. Based on this information we will create the remote video-testimonials 100% done for you. The time investement of and your team is 1-2 hours max.

After that we’ll either hand over the videos or implement them in marketing campaigns for you. 

Due to our specialization in creating remote-video for B2B Tech, SaaS and Software, we can guarantee an efficient & fast process.

1. Kick-Off

You explain us what you do and we develop an individual video message and marketing strategy.

2. Content Creation

We meet your customers online and create effective videos with our remote recording process.

3. Implementation

We help you implementing the videos in your marketing & sales channels.

4. Consultation

On top of that, we show you how to close more deals using the customer testimonial videos.

The Management team

We, Rafael von Corvin (SaaS sales professional) and Justin Bläsing (videographer & performance marketer), are the founders of RemoteClip. Our Team is specialized in making video testimonials affordable and effortless all over the world. By now, more than 90 B2B companies trust in our service and we are passionate about delivering an outstanding job for every single client.

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